Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some features: rotoscoping

Rotoscoping is one of the most important tools for any interesting compositing 
project and it's one of the areas where more work has been done developing Ramen.

In the roto node, shapes can be parented and transformed, tracks applied, 
points inserted or removed at any time, ...
Shapes are rendered with antialiasing and can have motion blur.
Of course, there's also feathering, grow / shrink and other common options.

Applying tracks to shape's individual points and importing / exporting shapes are 
left for a future update. ( Tip: Ramen's file format is very easy to parse, for example in Python.)


  1. I just discovered the OS Ramen too late, and am really looking forward to the commercial release.

  2. After a long time fiddling with early version of Ramen and asking some features in the old RamenHDR website, Est mailed me about the new version of Ramen with some more features.. will try ramencomp as soon as possible..