Sunday, October 16, 2011

Alembic Exporter for Blender ( work in progress)

Binary package for 64 bits Linux:
A patch against blender svn trunk code is included in the package.
It's written in C++, so it's quite fast.


- object hierarchies.
- custom properties are saved as uniform geoParams or user data.
- meshes and subdivision surfaces with modifiers, uvs, vertex colors, edge creases, ...
- material indices and facesets for Maya.
- fluid meshes export, with per vertex velocity.
- frame relative sampling for better motion blur.

Not working yet:

- particles. It seems there are some problems with subframe access to particles.
- Nurbs, curves, Metaballs and Text objects.
- dupliverts, duplifaces and other dupli options.
- dynamic paint vertex colors: Didn't have time yet to test it fully. It doesn't work for me.

current exporter options.

First? exported Alembic archive from Blender.

A more interesting example.

One of the recently released Project London rigs imported into Houdini.