Thursday, May 26, 2011

Welcome (again)

Some of you possibly remember the old Ramen compositor. It was an open source project which unfortunately wasn't very successful. The project was closed some months ago, but development went on and the compositor was rewritten. Important new features have been added and many errors have been fixed.
This is the new aspect of the application.

Some of the changes are clear from the screenshots, for example the tracker is new. I'll post about other new features later.

I'm currently working to do an alpha release next week. For now, Linux 64 bits only.
64 bits Windows later. The new releases will be closed source.

Thank you for your interest (again).




  1. good to know that you have picked it up... but why closed source?

  2. Hi Est,

    Looks great. Will you be releasing a Mac version in the future? Us Final Cut Pro kiddies need some good news!


  3. Nice to see some motion in the project.
    What made you decide to make it closed source?

  4. Hello!

    Is this project still alive? Pity didn;t get to know about it earlier. I am looking for a good compositing software to run it exclusively on Linux, I do not care whether it is open source or not as long as it works, unfortunately my searches were not really lucky because most of commercial compositing and effects tools are really out of the price range that are available for Linux or are too distinct like IFX Software Piranha where I can;t find how motion tracking etc works.

    Will Ramen latest version work on Ubuntu 12.04 based system?
    You should make a bit ore noise about this compositor if it is still in development. Linux world really needs software like this, who knows, maybe if Ramen is advertised more it would be more noticeable.

    Hope to test it soon, seems to be a tool I was looking for for ages.

    Kind regards,