Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cortex and Blender

Binary package for 64 bits Linux:

Some simple examples:

Import and export cortex objects and attribute caches (meshes only).

Applying ops to objects (CortexOcean Op).

Creating light domes from HDR enviroment images.

Python procedurals for 3Delight .


  1. Nice to see you working on Blender.
    Interesting the tool to create Light Domes, that generate amazing results with a small CPU consumption.

    I was doing some test with light domes but using an external tool. I'm pretty sure that an integration will be appreciated cause the next Blender Foundation project focused on VFX.

    (Here you can see a test:


  2. That's amazing!
    I worked at Image Engine and enjoyed the "cortex pipeline"
    Have a good implementation exposing the cortex power to blender would be incredible.
    Thank you (for that and the alembic plugin too!).

  3. Blender is not procedural, a good cortex integration is not really an option now.
    Maybe in the future...