Thursday, July 14, 2011

Release 0.8.2, Blendernation article, ...

Yesterday, I released 0.8.2. Unfortunately, I just found some bugs 
I'm currently fixing, so this release will be short lived. 

New things include:

- New expression editor for GenerateX, ColorX, ... 
- Updated most third party dependencies.
- The Resize node is now faster, has better quality,  and had a number of  bugs fixed.
- PySide is now bundled with Ramen.

- CUDA is detected and initialized at startup if you have a suitable GPU.
If you have an ATI card, Ramen should still work ok, but I can't really test 
it. Can anyone confirm it?

- Bug fixes and other general small improvements.

Ramen was featured in Blendernation this week. It was completely unexpected.
The response was amazing. We had 8000+ pageviews and almost 500 
downloads in just two days. Probably, a better website is needed for the project.

I'd like to thank the people at Blendernation for writting the article and all of you 
who expressed interest in the project.

And finally, a preview of what's coming next:
I've been working on adding better resampling filters. You can see 
the current results in the screenshot:

The example is a bit extreme, and jpeg compression does not help, but it's a big 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Python improvements, PySide

In the next release, I'm going to include PySide in Ramen's package.
PySide is a new set of Qt bindings for Python, and unlike PyQt, 
the license (LGPL) allows me to bundle it and distribute code 
the uses PySide.

I'm also adding the bits of code needed to connect PySide with C++ Qt 
widgets, Ramen's  objects and write parts of the app in Python.
The first result of this is the new SeExpression editor.

I expect to release this at the end of next week.